Menstrual Equity Collection

The Menstrual Equity Collection was the first collection we created to raise awareness about menstrual injustice. Be part of the Menstrual Equity movement and wear your jewelry with pride!

Statement by Lann silver Venus sign earrings
Statement by Lann silver Venus sign necklace
Silver Uterus Earrings
Silver Uterus Necklace
Silver Menstrual Cup Necklace
Silver Menstrual Cup Earrings
Statement by Lann arm necklace
Statement by Lann arm earrings

CLIT Collection

The Clit Collection is a celebration of equal sexual pleasure. Choose between an accurate model or a more subtle graphic interpretation of the vagina.

Silver Clit Necklace
Sold Out
Vagina Necklace
Sliver Clit Earrings
Sold Out

Jag har mens - jacket

3 500 kr 2 500 kr

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