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No Period Shame Collection Release

No Period Shame Collection Release

The No Period Shame collection is a collaboration between STATEMENT by Lann, My Period Is Awesome and the Wellbeing Foundation. 100% of the profit goes to supporting our Menstruation Station in Kisenyi, Kampala. 

About the Menstruation Station

Since opening the station in January 2020, the Station has turned into something we initially could not imagine. Apart from being a Health Hub, where one can access a safe space for menstrual hygiene and participate in sessions about sexual and reproductive health and rights, the Station is also a hub of creativity, entrepreneurship and technical skills. Since the opening in 2020 and through challenges with Covid-19 and the Ugandan election, the Menstruation Station has become a safe space for many:

  • 4,290 women and girls used the station services in 2020.
  • 1,140 women and girls have used the station so far in 2021. 
  • Approximately 250 women and girls have learned new skills.
  • 20 women have formed an entrepreneurial group in partnership with Youth Challenge Initiative, and are building businesses based on skills gained at the station. 

Walking through the doors, you are welcomed by someone from the Wellbeing Foundation team. To your right, you will find the Stations "safe space", a place for you to shut the door or have a pre-booked meeting with a counsellor. The private toilet with a shower is right next to it. Here you can manage your menstruation in private. There is a hang-out space on the other side of the Station and, right next to it, a space for classes and lectures. At the far end, there are several sewing machines. Women from the local community use them to make reusable pads for themselves and other products they sell at the markets. 

Our Menstruation Station has been a part of projects funded by the Swedish Institute. Now, we need your help to keep this much-appreciated space open! So it's time for our first crowdfunding ever. The money you donate will contribute towards:

  • The rent. 4,000 €/year.
  • Cost for electricity, water, materials for pad making etc. 2,000€/year.

If you can't support us financially there are other ways to help. Please share the crowdfunding site (*** länk) and cheer us on social media.

THANK YOU for participating in whatever way you choose. Together we can keep the Station open! 

Learn more about My Period Is Awesome: www.myperiodisawesome.com

Terese Lann Welin
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