Statement by Lann x Ninnileo

Statement by Lann x Ninnileo

When I started my jewelry brand and designed my first collection - the Menstrual Equity Collection - I created a Venus symbol, the classic symbol for feminism. I later realised that my brand was not as inclusive as I wanted it to be. For a long time I thought about making a transgender symbol, but it never felt right. Who was I to claim that I knew something about something I never experienced myself. I decided to find someone to design the jewelry with. 

Half a year later one of my followers contacted me and suggested that I should design something with her favourite tattoo artist. I sent a message to Ninnileo and the result of that you will see very soon. I hope you love it as much as we do. You can sign up at our website to get a notification when the collection is live.

After this collaboration with Ninnileo a transgender symbol will be a part of the Menstrual Equity Collection. Because the future is inclusive. Period.

Photo: Michel Mabonté 

Terese Lann Welin
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