2016 - 2022
Statement by Lann

SOLD OUT Statement by Lann x Ninnileo

"It's time to make way for inclusive feminism: a movement where all people of all genders can come together to push for equality, understanding and respect.

When I as a genderqueer tattoo artist first started to integrate politics in my line of work I soon realized I needed to find a more gender neutral token for feminism than the Venus Sign, and decided to create the graphic crotches - the mini vagina, and the t-cock.

I believe the way we choose to verbalize and drive feminism forward needs to be updated as we as humans outgrow the cis-normative compartments of male and female.

Therefor, together with Statement by Lann, I bring you these tokens to wear, to show support and be a part of a wider revolution, not held back by the boundaries of ignorance or transphobia.

Be part of the revolution."

Queerest regards, Ninnileo Daelander

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