2016 - 2022
Statement by Lann

SOLD OUT Statement by Lann x Statement Festival

In 2018 Statement Festival took place for the first time ever. Founded by Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare, the festival was the World’s first major music festival free from cis men – both among visitors and artists, and it was a statement against sexual assaults in our society.

A successful crowdfunding campaign raised the starting capital. The goal was to raise 500,000:- in one month which would be used to book the venue for the festival. It took 21 days to reach the campaign’s goals. More than 3,000 individuals gathered the festival’s starting capital and Lann Designs helped raise 60,000:- through donated jewelry from the Menstrual Equity Collection.

For the Festival Terese Lann Welin designed a special jewlery together with Emma Knyckare. The “golden ticket”; a silver ticket pendant. Terese also designed a special piece for Emma to wear at the opening of the Festival. The Arm Statement Piece. A piece that is not for sales but costumers can borrow.



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