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The fight for Menstrual Equity

I created this necklace to cause a stir — the idea of something beautiful as a conversation starter for something ugly. Because period shaming is ugly, period poverty is even uglier, and it is a global problem that we don't take seriously enough.

I started Statement by Lann to use design as my creative outlet for the inequality and the issue I face with My Period is Awesome. And I always had my goal set on creating this piece.

This necklace is meant to support the Menstrual Equity Warriors out there — the fighters who work daily to end period stigma and period poverty. So if you want to borrow it, you have to promise to advocate for the work that we do - and the fight for Menstrual Equity.

Thank you Alon Shina for helping me make this necklace a reality. You are the best. 

Ruby Tampon

Handcrafted tampon charm in sterling silver, encrusted with 154 Burmese rubies-around the tip.

Diamond arm

Handcrafted sterling silver arm encrusted with 124 white diamonds and Burmese rubies around the wrist. 

Diamond pill

Handcrafted aspirin charm with 68 white diamond encrusted on the backing.

Diamond and ruby menstrual cup

Handcrafted sterling silver charm cup, encrusted with Burmese rubies and 130 white diamonds.

Sapphire drop

Handcrafted water drop charm in sterling silver, encrusted with Sri Lankan light blue sapphire.

Diamond and ruby pad

Handcrafted sterling silver pad, encrusted with 50 white diamonds and Burmese rubies in the centre.

Pink diamond venus symbol

Handcrafted sterling silver Venus symbol encrusted with 30 rare pink diamonds.

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